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The company was founded in 1946 by Alcide Berthod and has been a family concern ever since. Berthod Transports has been owned by 3 successive generations, all of which have shared a love of well-performed work: the enduring theme has been to keep its promises.

The company now has over 40 employees, and over 30 vehicles in its fleet.

Berthod Transports SA puts its expertise at its clientele’s disposal, with its 40 employees and its 30 vehicles, consisting of a wide range of tractor-trailer units, articulated lorries and self-propelled cranes. It is a fleet of modern vehicles which meets the increasingly stringent anti-pollution standards and ensures maximum comfort for the drivers. Internationally we serve the following countries in particular: France, Belgium, Luxembourg.



Your certainty of receiving a good service

If you use Berthod Transports you can be sure that your order will be treated optimally, and that it will be managed with the expertise you can expect. Current information technologies and permanent contact with the drivers ensure optimum communication between the client and our company.

Careful performance of a mission which is not always easy

Transport of goods, sometimes dangerous goods, always requires careful handling. There are many variables to manage: these sometimes depend on external factors such as the weather forecast. We therefore have constantly to anticipate, seek information and adapt. This is a precondition if we are to keep our clients’ trust.

Rapid on-site intervention

Most orders managed by our company are passed in a context where the time factor is often predominant. Our years of experience have made Berthod Transports particularly effective at meeting deadlines and being fast to act.


They are what underpins our company and ensure its prospects in the long term


Berthod Transports is not only sensitive to keeping to deadlines and satisfactory performance of orders, but also to respect for its personnel and clients. Our humanist approach is one of our points of pride.


The professionalism to which we are attached encompasses the quality of our communication. Our clientele must be kept constantly informed of the status of their order even if the order does not appear.


Optimum measurements of the routes to be delivered is not only intended to minimise costs, but is also viewed as a challenge to lighten the carbon cost for the environment. To lend meaning to the fact that we have obtained the ISO 14001 label, and to go ever further with our sense of respect for the environment, we require our partners to meet the same requirements.


We have confidence in all our employees, but we also strive to find it in our clients. Confidence alone can move mountains. It is the essence of our activity.


Rapidly to decide the solution which will be ideal for you

Successfully running a transport company means knowing how to satisfy clients in terms of services, products, meeting deadlines and costs. These variants can fluctuate, depending on the complexity of the mission to be performed. It is imperative that we keep clients informed as soon as possible of any unforeseen circumstances which might change the circumstances of a mandate. A mechanical constraint, disrupted traffic conditions, a defective tipper, etc.

Our mission is to prevent incidents occurring and hindering the smooth running of our clients’ business. If bad luck does occur, the need for communication still remains paramount. Anticipating problems, keeping our clients informed, and negotiating as required. Success often depends on the quality of the communication established between the parties. You can be sure that at Berthod Transports we make it a point of honour to serve you with our sense of professionalism always to the fore.


Being fast and effective: what the market demands

camion Berthod Transports
  • You are certain to have an advantageous quality/price ratio
  • You are using a conscientious service-provider, which is aware that time is money
  • You are offered a range of services, each time with a solution as well
  • You can be sure that the work will be careful and efficient

We work according to the Astag conditions


We have been listening to you since 1946

Berthod Transports was founded in 1946 and has always been able to meet the challenges posed over the years. Each of the 3 generations has thus changed premises in order to modernise the business resources, and to broaden the areas covered by the company.

In the 1950s Berthod Transports’ major challenge was to make its lorries available for the drying and development of the Rhône Valley. Whereas in the 1970s the economic situation was characterised by the first real openings of the markets. Berthod Transports could finally enjoy the challenge of going further, and put a constantly improving fleet to the test.

In the 1980s European legislation laid down regulations requiring, in particular, maximum driving times with minimal rest times. Berthod Transports was able to adopt them without difficulty, since human values are at the core of small company culture. In the late 1990s Berthod Transports continued to ramp up its performance, in particular in the face of ferocious competition. Clients will able to tell the difference, and choose their trusted partners.

Berthod Transports