At Berthod Transports each mission is managed equally, as each principal deserves the best treatment. Our lorries are designed for constantly changing mandates and quality and anti-pollution standards; our employees are accordingly trained to deal with technological developments, administrative constraints and unforeseen events. The first challenge is always to satisfy our clientele; our duty is then to discharge the order in the best possible way, and in so doing to overcome time and space constraints.

Types of Transport

Elévateur embarqué

Elévateur embarqué

Camion-grue 82t/m

Camion-grue 82t/m


We are ideally located in the centre of the Valais region, in Sion, and can therefore distribute all your goods both locally and regionally.


With our two 3,500 kg vehicles we can deliver your urgent and express shipments throughout Europe.


We can provide a daily distribution and grouping service for all Swiss industrial centres. All our vehicles are fitted with elevating gates.


Our wide range of vehicles with special authorisation: low-bed, extensible, large volume, flatbed articulated lorry and self-propelled crane enable all the most complicated tasks to be undertaken.

Self-propelled crane

42 t/m, capacity up to 27 m


We have daily departures of complete batches and half-batches for the Netherlands, Belgium and France (all other destinations on request).

Moving floor

Bulk transport.


Excavation service.



Sales and leasing of second-hand 20- and 40-foot containers.

Storage and handling

You can use 500 m² of roofed storage at temperate temperature, and 3,000 m² of outside storage for short- or long-duration storage. Your goods can be transshipped and handled in complete safety. We also have two forklifts with a capacity of 3,500 kg, and a loading ramp.

Our team

Patrick Berthod
Patrick Berthod

Technical manager

Xavier Berthod
Xavier Berthod
Philippe Pignat
Philippe Pignat

Qualified transport agent

David Matthey
David Matthey
David Zufferey
David Zufferey

Swiss Expediter

Jessica Schüle
Jessica Schüle

Administrative secretary

Jaurès Boson

Karine Boson
Karine Boson

Why choose us ?

We keep our promises

When we accept an order we put maximum dedication and all our expertise into satisfying it. Unforeseen events are managed optimally, since solutions can always be found. They can be found by enlisting a sense of determination to remedy problems. At Berthod Transports we are constantly analysing our clients' requirements, the way in which are business is conducted, technological progress and environmental constraints, so that the practice of our activity is as effective and unconstrictive as possible for each party.



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